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Insert ball bearing oil mist lubrication

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As more and more popular insert ball bearing, in the market demand is increasing, more and more market users more and more high to the requirement of insert ball bearing, for some professional knowledge is also more and more attention, let's briefly for you about set-contained spherical bearing oil mist lubrication.

Insert how spherical bearing lubrication. Way, insert ball bearing unit and a way of lubrication was called oil mist lubrication, it is a kind of minimal quantities of lubricant, simple I mean with very small amounts of oil to satisfy the requirement of the insert spherical bearing lubrication. Oil mist lubrication is to become oil mist lubricating oil in the oil mist generator, through the oil mist lubrication of bearings. Because the oil mist in set-contained spherical bearing working surface oil drops, actually insert ball bearing unit is still maintained a thin oil lubrication state, it can extend the life of the insert ball bearing unit. The use of this lubrication method should be paid attention to the following two points:

1. Oil viscosity selection generally should not be higher than 340 mm/s (40 degrees) because of too high viscosity will be short of atomization effect.

2. Lubrication of oil mist may partially with the degradation of air, will pollute the environment. Oil and gas separator if necessary to collect the oil mist, or ventilation is used to eliminate waste.

When bearing roller linear speed is high, oil mist lubrication, is often used in order to avoid other lubrication methods due to too much oil, oil increased the internal friction increases set-contained spherical bearing operating temperature. General oil mist pressure of about 0.05-0.1 mbar.

Correctly grasp the set-contained spherical bearing oil mist lubrication method can effectively help us to make better use of insert ball bearing products, help us bring more benefit, sincerely welcome you to come to our company consulting, communicate with each other.

Economic globalization makes our set-contained spherical bearing towards the international big stage

In recent years the development of economic globalization makes many of the industry in China began to move towards the world stage, companies and products into the world stage must be has the power, and insert ball bearing unit can help enterprises to gain a foothold in the international market, insert ball bearing in the process of help enterprises to win in the international market constantly improve themselves.

Although compared with foreign advanced manufacturing technology in our country the set-contained spherical bearing production level slightly inferior, but along with the rapid development of science and technology in our country to insert the high level of science and technology in the spherical bearing more and more, let our country step by step, insert ball bearing unit is want to close with the international level. Insert ball bearing unit is now widespread application in the domestic market, its performance is stable, the advantages of the service life of the strong make many enterprises praise, also laid the groundwork for the competition on the international stage.

Now a lot of insert ball bearings manufacturers in China are in accordance with international standards to produce insert ball bearing unit, and put on their independent innovation concept, realize the diversified development of insert ball bearing industry in China, laid a solid foundation for go abroad. To adapt to the fierce competition in the international market set-contained spherical bearing have to analyze the characteristics of the foreign markets to arm themselves.

In overcoming difficulties we insert ball bearing unit to realize their own development and progress, no matter how the market our manufacturer calmly, with their own strength to show only a strength of the product to develop steadily in the market, we insert ball bearing unit is the first selection of enterprise competition in the international market.