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Outside the spherical bearing chock general machining after welding is adopted to repair

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Outer spherical bearing technology is endless, although the foreign advanced bearing company (NSK, SKF, etc.) bearing noise levels are high, but still put forward the development direction of further, namely to "mute" outer spherical bearing development, outer spherical bearing products in China over the next decade in noise technology development trend is: one is the solution of bearing "sound", the second is the decreasing vibration level on a new step, namely, catch up with the advanced industrial countries outside the spherical bearing of the level of the late 1990 s.

Outside the spherical bearing housings of traditional methods in general machining after welding to repair, and surfacing can make parts surface at high temperature, causing parts deformation or cracks, obtained by machining size cause downtime significantly longer outer spherical bearing housings. Outside the spherical bearing housings and use f the blue polymer composite materials for field repair, no thermal effect, the thickness of the repair is not restricted, products have abrasion resistance and metal materials do not have rolled back, to ensure full contact with repair parts, reduce the impact of vibration equipment, avoid the possibility of wear and tear. On-site repair, avoid machining method for enterprises to save a lot of downtime, creating huge production output.