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Outside the spherical bearing fault check method

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Movement, the vibration and noise to maintain a certain level, the spectrum is very devotion, show only one or two times the frequency. Outside the spherical bearing and then after running into the use of late, NTN bearing vibration and noise increases, sometimes revealed different sound, but the change of oscillation increased less rapidly, at this point, the bearing suddenly kurtosis value to reach a certain number. NTN bearing expresses the late fault characteristics flag to show serious fault (normal to the surface of the outer ball bearing damage, such as holding shaft, burning, sand abrasion spallation, raceway, bead, etc.) most of time not more than a week, facilities, the greater the volume, the faster the speed, the shorter the time interval. First of all, we want to say is, to maintain bearing lubricating oil is very tight and neat.

NTN bearing expressed strong regularity in the process of its use, and the repeatability is very good. Rare revealed more than three times the power frequency spectrum, bearing condition is very reliable, entered the safe office. Note: the oil best through filter first before use. As oil has the potential to make together the legacy of the pollutants, and diarrhea in addition to the oil. Note, however, that the bearing is not appropriate to add too much grease. Due to the legacy of fiber wedged in between the bone and likely cause damage, especially the application of small bearing more need to pay attention to this problem. So when we come into force as of the surface of the external ball bearing investigation before, should first cleaning bearing appearance, and then remove the perimeter of the bearing parts. Everyone should pay attention to, oil seal is very weak parts, because in this investigation and demand particularly cautious when disassembling, not excessive force, lest cause the destruction of parts. Lubricating oil is a matter, not just on the surface of the outside of the ball bearing, also for all the import bearings. After careful investigation of bearing oil seal and its surrounding parts, if have flashed out bad symptom, must change, bad oil seal can cause the destruction of the bearing to bearing cloud caused by abnormal downtime of the facilities. We think, at this time the surface of the outside of the ball bearing that is expressed as the start of the failure for a period of time. Use the oil lubricating oil after the surface of the outside of the ball bearing in xie used engine oil, if can of words, should the oil impregnated with novel and let the machine in low speed rotation for a few minutes. With little lubricant agent friction between two fingers, and if the presence of pollutants, is a feeling; Or in thin layer of the tu yi on palm opposite lubricating agent, and then line light investigation. Because of this, in the actual NTN bearing fault diagnosis, once found late fault characteristics flag, should not hesitate to judge bearing fault, try to speed up the check repair.

Normal quality when enabled, the surface of the outer ball bearing vibration and noise are relatively small, but the frequency spectrum is a bit messy, amplitude is small, a bit lacking, probably because the process such as appearance burr. And use of grease lubrication bearing in the transform of grease, the use of Joe except should prevent to any parts of the bearing with a cotton pick Angle. Second, we need to seizing bearing lubricating oil agent.