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Outside the spherical bearing fatigue life estimation operation

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Outer spherical bearing material metallurgy is the main factor influencing the quality of early failure of rolling bearings. With the progress of metallurgical technology (such as bearing steel, vacuum degassing, etc.), improve the quality of the raw materials. The proportion of raw materials quality factors in the analysis of the bearing is markedly reduced, but it is still one of the main factors of bearing failure. Choose proper is still bearing failure analysis must be considered.

Outside the spherical bearing failure analysis based on a lot of background material, is the main task of the data and failure mode analysis, find out the main factors of bearing failure, in order to make targeted improvements, prolonging bearing service period, in order to avoid premature failure of the bearing of the emergency.

In accordance with the provisions, calculation formulas and calculation rules of outer spherical bearing fatigue life for fatigue life calculation, calculate the total turned numerical rules for the inner ring ring or axis rotation, the outer ring or seat is fixed, the total value.

In accordance with the provisions of the standard test method for rolling bearing fatigue life test procedures, on the use of performance can meet the requirements specified for a methods of testing machine, sampling of a batch of bearing fatigue life test, from the experiment data processing of actual life, is represented by the number of participants bearing outer sphere and the fatigue test of the bearing life.

On rolling bearing fatigue life test is sufficient lubrication maximally inhibiting wear factors of rolling bearing, the strengthening of load and rotating speed in order to highlight the bearing fatigue factors of a strengthening of the fatigue life test method.

Outside the spherical bearing fatigue life calculation method and the fatigue life test is complementary to each other, the results obtained both have enough correspondence.

But in reality, such as the use of each specific occasions, all from a sufficient number of bearing life test, to verify whether bearing suits, the economically, time and labor is very big, so the outer spherical bearing life test method only in the case of necessary or important, in the vast majority of cases, with a standard calculation method to estimate the life of a bearing service life and has a sufficient degree of dependency.


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